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The Goddess of TERROR!!!

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  2006.09.23  15.02

OMG I'm so flippn' tired!I was up the entire night.I went to bed at about 7:30 this morning and got up at around 2:20 this afternoon.I have to clean up this house really good in just a minute.Then I have to figure out what I'm going to wear tonight and start to get ready at around 5:45.We're leaving for the show @8pm so that we give ourselves half an hour to get lost and find the way..hahaha.I seriously worry about driving to new places.That's probably why I was up the entire night.My anxiety was so bad that I just sat in bed all night watching City Confidential and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.I have'nt even eaten anything yet today so now my stomach is even worst.
Yesterday afternoon Erick told me while he was trying to sleep at around 6:30 that morning he started to smell toast cooking.Then he saw a dark figure coming down the hall and into the room.It was an older woman from around the 1800's.She stopped at the foot of our bed and stuck out a tray of food,then turned around and headed back to the kitchen.My dog Tiki followed her and then stopped and barked at the end of the kitchen counter where our toaster is.How fucking scary is that!!?? I'm so glad I was sleeping when that happened because I would have totally flipped out.Although really I would hoped to have had enough guts to say something to it.We have weird things happen in this house all the time but I'm never the one lucky enough to see actual forms.I just hear things,see shadows,get the back of my head touched, simple things like that.Although one time I did take a polaroid in the living room where all the activity is,and behind the person was a tall dark figure of a man.As the polaroid fully developed it vanished.
Ok , Ok, I have to clean now.Laters!

Mood: lethargic

  2006.09.22  16.04
Yay for Autumn!

It's gloomy,windy and a bit cold outside;which can only mean FALL IS HERE!! Woot! Well a little bit..we all know in North Carolina that it ying-yangs with the weather until November.Hell..on my wedding day it was sunny, but windy and very nice.I did'nt go to bed this morning until 6am then got up at 3pm.It makes me want a third shift job but no way! I'm way too involved with school to work and I want to do nothing but the best of my ability in my classes.
Tomorrow I'm going to see Graveyard Blvd. in Hickory with my friend Tim.I have'nt seen him since June I think, when Erick and I saw the Misfits.Erick unfortunately has to work third shift tonight and tomorrow night, so Tim is going with me.It's at a bar,so there was no way I would go alone.Erick and I did our grocery shopping at 2am! I bought an awesome pumpkin and found really good South Beach Diet tv dinners.I'm losing weight..not sure how much because I'm so against weighing myself but in total I've lost five inches! Maybe even more than that, I've only measured my thighs,hips,bust and waist line.Erick says I look about 10-15 pounds slimmer so yay for that!
Erick and I are getting another chihuahua! This makes number four.I figured while Im not TOO busy with school and Im only in class one night a week and the other one is through the internet, I have more than enough time to care for it while it's a baby.We're getting a little girl one most likely.We found a breeder in NC that has brindle and blue chihuahuas that are just too damn cute.I even found a site with dresses,shirts,sweaters,etc. made by big time designers for dogs! Too cute!Ok, I need to stop rambling and clean the house.Laters! <3
My Pumpkin! ( and cute creepers)
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Tiki in his fall sweater!
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  2006.09.21  15.18
New Journal

This is the third livejournal account that I've had but the last one seemed to just have a bunch of posts by the annoying people in the Smiths/Morrissey communities and never by people I actually wanted to hear from haha, so that means to post to your journals you guys! I know I don't post often but I'm so busy with school and keeping my husband up to date with his schedule ever since he started working third shift and on weekends,that I dont have a whole lot of time for much.School is going great and I learn a great deal every day.I'm really glad that I decided to pursue a career in the funeral industry.So this is my OFFICIAL LJ account, so add me!
xoxo Vera Van Munster ^V^

Just let me know via comment that you added me and I'll do the same.Thanks!

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